Being a mentor

A Tale of Two Mentors: Mentoring with perspective

Matey Mentor? Creating the right environment for our beginning teachers

‘Singing from the same hymn-sheet’: school-based mentors’ partnership with university ITE/ITT subject tutors

The Power of Partnership in Initial Teacher Education

Why bother mentoring a beginning teacher? What’s in it for me?

Beginning the ITT/ ITE year effectively

Helping a new PGCE Mentee to start well

Optimistic, Observant and Open: What makes a successful PGCE/ ITE student?

What am I meant to be looking for?  Supporting beginning teachers to undertake effective observations of other teachers

Getting the most out of the end of the ITT/ ITE year

Curiosity and the space to ask a question: building a dialogic culture to shift the focus onto pupil learning

Flying the nest: Helping your student to end well

Galloping into the final furlong: Supporting your mentee to make the most of their final weeks as a training teacher

Moving beyond delivery: The thorny issue of competency

Mentoring different ‘types’ of ITT/ ITE students

Bewildered Beryl: Helping your mentee find the end of the rope

Creation not Emulation: Developing teacher persona

Feeling despondent? Why beginning teachers need to keep on climbing

Keeping Toby flying: How to avoid clipping your new mentee’s wings

Pulling Priya through the plateau: supporting your mentee to continued progress

Teflon Tina: How to support a beginning teacher struggling to act on advice

Supporting lesson planning

Setting ‘Cover’: How to plan effective cover work

Setting the albatross free: Teaching without PowerPoint

The magic of teaching a history lesson with coherence, direction and purpose

The Many Faces of Lesson Planning: Part 1 of 2

The Many Faces of Lesson Planning: Part 2 of 2

Supporting teaching and enaction

Finding your way with Questioning: A practical approach for getting better at questioning

‘I predict a riot!’ Supporting your mentee to notice and deal with low level disruption

Let’s work together: Supporting your mentee to work with support staff

Quinton’s Questioning: Unleashing historical discussion in your mentee’s lessons

Showstopper Lessons: What Beginning Teachers and their Mentors can learn from GBBO

Targetting Tom’s Transitions: Moving smoothly between phases within a lesson

Walking the walk, just not talking the talk: Developing teacher voice and classroom persona

Observing and giving feedback to beginning teachers

Avoiding the Observation Trap: Interpreting generic mentoring approaches through a subject specific lens

Seeking a second opinion: Feeling undermined by your ITT mentee

Strictly Come Teaching: Giving feedback to novices

Being a history and humanities teacher

A case for using historical fiction in the history classroom

From caveman to concepts: Making history count in the primary classroom

Making a move: How can I switch from primary to secondary history teaching?

Making History Count in the Primary Classroom: Digging deeper into Ofsted’s History Research Review for Primary Colleagues

Supporting the teaching of the legacies of slavery

Teaching children about senstive and controversial current affairs: Talking to children in schools about the situation in Ukraine

What a wonderful world: teaching Humanities

Remote Teaching

Bamboozled by remote learning apps? Making sense of different online learning tools

Finding your feet with remote (and online) teaching

From classroom to computer: Equipping training teachers to teach online

I don’t like Mondays: Advice for beginning teachers on making a positive return to post-lockdown teaching

Remote Opportunities: becoming a teacher during Omicron

Beginning Teacher Well-being

A shape-sorter understanding: Why mentees find changing teaching placements so hard

Leaving a mark

Lessons in resilience for early career teachers

Perfectionism and the honourable art of being good enough

Self-care habits to help beginning teachers to move from surviving to thriving

The Comparison Compulsion: Sailing your own boat

Worrying about Wanda: Supporting your mentee’s well-being and workload

Preparing ITT/ ITE students for job applications

Pipped at the post: How to support beginning teachers struggling to get their first job

Recommending Rahul: writing references for fledging teachers

Virtual Interviews: How to manage an online teaching interview

Writing job references for beginning teachers: Recommending Rahul, the Pandemic Edit

ECT guidance

Building your house: Teaching in the Long Term

Discovering Lego: Growing as an early career teacher

Nurturing New Colleagues

Supporting your new NQT colleague to THRIVE amidst a global pandemic

Training Teachers Virtually

Becoming a teacher, virtually (Part1)

Embracing the space: A journey into training to be a teacher virtually (Part 2)

An Ode to our History ITE Mentors: A journey into training to be a teacher virtually (Part 3)

Purposes of Initial Teacher Education

Education NOT Training: The uncomfortable truth about effective initial teacher education

The Calm Before the Storm

Turning on the head of a pin: Why developing agency in beginning teachers matters

Unintentional teachers: Looking beyond vocation to attract people into the profession